Monday, November 11, 2013

Christina Perri To Release Human, New Single From Upcoming Second Album

To the delight of many eager fans, Christina Perri has announced the release of her very first single to be lifted from her yet to be titled second studio album. Personally, I fell in love with Christina Perri with the first few notes I'd heard from Jars of Heart, A Thousand Years and its part 2. That and a few others were the main reasons why I've been clamoring for her to release a second album.

I know she had been busy for a while as shown in her social media pages, and to see the first physical evidence of her efforts is just so relieving. Since 2011 I've been dreaming for her second album, and although we don't have the official title, cover and track listing yet, we have this new single to look forward to.

Check out the official cover art of Human by Christina Perri.

Human by Christina Perri

And so her "Rogue from X-Men" do is gone and changed with something more mature, holistic and definitely alluring new image. I hope her new image reflects on her music... because she just gets better and better.

The new single, Human, by Christina Perri will be available starting November 18, 2013.