Sunday, November 24, 2013

Jean-Claude Van Damme Forays Into Comedy In Welcome To The Jungle Trailer

Rarely do we see some kick-ass and classic martial artist and action movie superstars do some comedy. And if they do they still keep in their serious demeanor and composure that defeats the purpose of it all. But now are we in for a big surprise from Jean-Claude Van Damme?

This Lost- and Survivor-esque movie reminds of of Pineapple Express, Hangover and the almost similar concept of Tropic Thunder. This Rob Meltzer directed film stars THE Van Damme, Adam Brody, Rob Huebel, Kristen Schaal, Megan Boone, Dennis Haysbert, and Kristopher Varenberg.

Laugh out loud with the hilarious moments of Welcome To The Jungle trailer, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Here are two movie clips that was released a year ago, should you like to see some more of the fun...

Welcome To The Jungle Movie Clip # 1

Welcome To The Jungle Movie Clip # 2


Chris (Adam Brody) is a workplace weakling who doesn't have the balls to stand up to the slick office bully, Phil (Rob Huebel), who steals all his ideas, and he has yet to muster the courage to ask out cute HR manager, Lisa (Megan Boone). Even Chris' only friend, Jared (Eric Edelstein), a sarcastic slacker IT guy who secretly monitors everyone's porn intake, slams Chris for being a pussy. But when a team-building "wilderness seminar" goes horribly wrong, and unhinged ex-marine teambuilding coach Storm Rothchild (Jean-Claude Van Damme) gets mauled by a cougar - Chris and his co-workers find themselves stranded on a deserted tropical island with no rescue in sight... and someone's going to have to step up and take charge. Phil quickly proclaims himself "God" of the island - but Chris has Boy Scout skills and would be far better suited to lead the group if he could overcome his fear - of everything. Can Chris finally man-up to Phil, release his inner-beast, get them rescued and win the girl? Or will Phil triumph, as usual, while Chris cowers like a bitch-boy?

Unleash your inner beast with Welcome To The Jungle, to be released in theaters on 2014.