Sunday, November 17, 2013

Listen To Full Audio Of Human by Christina Perri, Newest Single From Upcoming Second Album

Here it is finally! The newest single from balladeer Christina Perri has landed accompanied by many teardrops from those of have listened to it. The single entitled Human really delivers to my expectations from the singer. She rarely disappoints me.

Human by Christina Perri

It's her trademark that she'll always make me quite emotional -- she's digging into the soul of each and every one of us. Every human could very well relate to the song, who wouldn't considering the title of the song? As humans we are destined to make mistakes, get sad and hurt, but on the other end of the spectrum you also get to enjoy the happiness life could offer as well as learn from the mistakes you've committed.

Listen to the new song, Human by Christina Perri.

The new single, Human, by Christina Perri is now available for download at iTunes.