Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Divergent Movie To Reveal Series Of Character Posters, Including Tori And Max [Updated]

We've already seen the Divergent movie character posters of Tris and Four, and now its time for the other characters to take the spotlight so that we'll get familiar with the secondary actors and the characters as well before the movie gets released.

In the next few weeks we will see numerous character posters, spread all thorughout famous entertainment websites. But first up we get to see Mekhi Phifer as Max and Maggie Q as Tori. Check out these new character posters from Divergent movie adaptation, based on the novel by Veronica Roth.

Updated: New ones are coming in! Check them out here, ordered from the most recently released.

Miles Teller as Peter

Divergent Peter Character Poster

“Peter is pure evil.”

Zoƫ Kravitz as Christina

Divergent Christina Character Poster

“I’m used to just saying whatever is on my mind. Mom used to say that politeness is deception in pretty packaging.”

Jai Courtney as Eric

Divergent Eric Character Poster

“His face is pierced in so many places I lose count...but that isn’t what makes him look menacing. It is the coldness of his eyes.”

Mekhi Phifer as Max

Divergent Max Character Poster

“Dauntless is about ordinary acts of bravery and having the courage to stand up for another. Respect that, do us proud.”

Maggie Q as Tori

Divergent Tori Character Poster

“In some parts of the ancient world, the hawk symbolized the sun. Back when I got this, I figured if I always had the sun on me, I wouldn’t be afraid of the dark. . . . Now it reminds me of the fear I’ve overcome.”

Expect some more character popsters to be revealed and i will gladly add them here. The next ones will be revealed soon...


Beatrice Prior, a teenager with a special mind, finds her life threatened when an authoritarian leader seeks to exterminate her kind in her effort to seize control of their divided society.

Divergent will hit cinemas on March 21, 2013.