Tuesday, September 25, 2012

7 New Banners for Cloud Atlas Are Unveiled To Showcase Multiple Worlds and Time

Cloud Atlas

We are not yet sure whether October 26, 2012 will be an early Christmas celebration for us all or whether the Mayan apocalyptic prophecy will be moved on said earlier date. It all depends actually if you are a fan of David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas where an upcoming movie of the same title was based -- if its going to ruin the epicness of the book or its gonna exceed any fanboy's expectation.

So far the telepathic signals of the movie are nothing quite disappointing. Starring veteran actor Tom Hanks, Hugo Weaving, Hale Berry, Jim Broadbent and many other exquisite actors. Top this with a multi-million dollar budget and the effects are surely to rock. Two heads are better than one they say, but the movie might be overdoing it by having three directors, who also wrote the screenplay all the same. And now after the juicy trailer we get to see these beauties of banners.

Which of these banners representing alternating histories and worlds appeals to you the most?

Watch the movie Cloud Atlas in the theater nearest you exactly a month from now. Hopefully the movie will satisfy the Purists who wanted every lines in the book to be incorporated in the movie and get some fresh fandom out of folks who haven't even heard of the book yet. That is if the movie is really that good to shut the mouth of every naysayers and negative critics.