Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New 'Dorothy of Oz' Movie Trailer, Poster and Pictures

Dorothy of Oz

If you are into L. Frank Baum, then you would certainly know that his Oz adventures didn't stop only with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz when he published it in circa 1900. In fact he and his family were so immersed in this world that they wrote numerous books all set in the wonderful land of Oz.

The books are so good that many adaptations were produced like the classical Judy Garland version, stage plays, animations and a lot more. Now that reimaginings of famous literatures are so cliched in Hollywood scene, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz didn't escape the fate of posthumous retelling and reinvention. And the public would easily digest them...

On attempt is Dorothy of Oz, which you can watch its trailer here:

Starring Glee's leading vocal prowess Lea Michele, Dorothy of Oz is a mixture of visionary scenes, heart pounding musical numbers and all using the wonderful technology of 3D. This is based on the novel written by L. Frank Baum's great grandson, Roger S. Baum. The movie was directed by Dan St. Pierre and Will Fin and will be released in 2013.

Here also is the official movie poster of Dorothy of Oz:

Also check out these pictures from the movie Dorothy of Oz:

Many of Baum's descendants tried to immolate his Oz works by writing based on the legacy he has left them. Some are so true to the spirit of the original works that reading them might seem like a piece of one artwork and not a combination of many. Hopefully come next year we will be able to see the movie and enjoy some rare works that are seldom published today. It's a pity only a few books in the original series were being published, some I have found in my hometown bookstore a few months ago.