Thursday, September 6, 2012

Glee Season 4 Premieres on Fox, Thrusday, September 13, 2012 with New Characters

Glee Season 4

The previous season of Glee left off with a very mournful note to it and fans were even a little anxious whether the series will continue or not. Many argued that the show should focus on the high school life of the main characters and declared that the show won't be continued anymore because of this.

To disprove all of these, Fox has renewed the series with a new season last April 9, 2012. Questions were then inevitable as to what will happen to the series since Rachel Berry, the show's leading lady, is leaving William McKinley High School for the Big Apple. Satisfactorily the talented writers of the show were able to swerved away from this issues by telling us a broader stroyline that even distance between the characters could not even hinder.

Let's start off with the promo poster for Glee Season 4:

Glee Season 4 will premiere on September 13, 2012 with the usual combination of 22 episodes. Earlier, Kevin Reilly, head of Fox, revealed that "Next year will be a renaissance. Two shows within a show. We'll follow some of our graduates to the Big Apple as they try to cut it at a college for the performing arts." It will premiere with its pilot episode entitled The New Rachel, which will pick exactly where Season 3 left off. Tease your self with this short promotional video for the season:

New Characters

Since the show is expanding with new locations we can expect new characters that would either make the lives of the main cast better or worse. These new characters will add more colors to the already wide tapestry of characters:

Kity (Becca Tobin)

Coming as a new student to McKinley High, Kity will more than rub elbows with Puck's yougner brother. Kity will be Brittany's competition as the star in cheer leading team and she will be Sue's new favorite. Catch here in these scenes:

Listen to Becca Tobin's singing voice:

Brody Weston (Dean Geyer)

If there's someone who could make Rachel unfaithful to Finn, it would be Brody Weston. He is a fellow NYADA student who is somehow attracted to Rachel. Catch him in these following scenes:

Listen to Dean Geyer's singing voice:

Jake Puckerman (Jacob Artist)

Jake is Noah Puckerman's younger half-brother. He will take the place of his brother's bad boy relief of the story. And he's gonna be a multi-timer that will break the hearts of many girls. Look for him in the following:

Listen to Jacob Artist's singing voice:

Marley Rose (Melissa Benoist)

Marley is a new McKinley High student, as well, who will make her debut on the first season of Season Four. She will join McKinley High's Glee club, The New Directions. Watch her in these scenes:

Listen to Melissa Benoist's singing voice:

Cassandra July (Kate Hudson)

Cassandra is teh dance instructor in NYADA. She will be Rachel's mentor what would at first make her life feel like hell as a way of "motivating" her. Will you look for her in these scenes?:

Listen to Kate Hudson's singing voice:

The third season was quite a little disappointment, but hopefully my liking to the series will be redeemed by this season since according to some insider the themes of the episodes will be a lot more mature and their going for the flair that the first season had. Ryan Murphy, who created Glee along with Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan, said: "So we have been working on that, which is very much what we did in the first season, I think if people remember we really followed three or four of them, and the other people were just flavors and ingredients that sort of complemented those stories. So we're kind of getting back to that which I like."