Friday, October 25, 2013

One Direction's New Single Exactly Tells The 'Story of My Life' - From Midnight Memories Album

I kind of think One Direction shares the emotion that I have right now. Just when I am down (while everyone thinks I am OK), they go sentimental with their latest single, and the second from their upcoming third studio album entitled Midnight Memories called Story of My Life.

Story of My Life by One Direction

If I thought that the band's Best Song Ever was kinda okay and over the top, this song actually caught me off guard and crumbled the wall that surrounds me. It triggers some unexplainable sad emotions within that I am not ready to face... but the catch is, despite all this I still can't help but listen to the song repeatedly. It seems that whatever nourishes me is the one that breaks me as well...

Listen to Story of My Life by One Direction.

And here is the nostalgic music video of Story of My Life by One Direction.

Story of My Life is produced by Julian Bunetta, with Bunetta also co-writing it with Jamie Scott and John Ryan. Thanks for infusing an indie feel to this song, because I am certainly digging it.

Said to be much edgier with "slightly rockier tone," Midnight Memories is set to be released on November 25, 2013 under Columbia and Syco Records. If One Direction has this kind of song all through their new album, then I am definitely adding it to my playlist and libraries.