Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wet & Wild: Good Time Music Video Proves Paris Hilton's Still Queen Of Dance Anthem

Paris Hilton is back and she means sexy business. She had surprised us all with her self titled debut album and much more of her Stars are Blind single. Now, as the big names like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus battle for the Prom Queen title, Paris Hilton silently went in for the kill.

Good Time by Paris Hilton

Fans and skeptics alike are going nuts when the Good Time full audio leaked online and now that the official music video has made it's way to the public's monitors, we are all dumbfounded by this steamy, sexy and vivacious music video, which really has little to do with disco house dance music.

Watch the steaming hot music video of Good Time by Paris Hilton, featuring Lil Wayne.

Good Time is Paris Hilton's lead single from her upcoming second studio album. The song features Lil Wayne and was released last October 8, 2013 by Cash Money. It was produced by Afrojack, who also co-wrote it with Paris Hilton and Lil Wayne.

The music video of Good Time by Paris Hilton was directed by Hannah Lux Davis.

It's Paris Hilton, b**ch.