Monday, October 28, 2013

Will You Do This Again? Enough Said Movie, Starring Lulia Louis-Dreyfus And James Gandolfini

What can one say about the Enough Said trailer? Is it a trailer for a classical melodramatic comedy, is it a trailer for a deep drama with some essentials of a comedy? Even the Enough Said trailer is really hard to describe in correct definitions, because there is no definition for something so gentle, kind, sweet, and at the same time so serious, deep and beautiful. It is real, it is about real life, real people and tremendously real love, which overflows from every scene of a trailer.

Enough Said

Nicole Holofcener, the director of the cult TV series “Sex and the City”, a great actor James Gandolfini, best known for the title role in "The Sopranos," and an amiable, but less known Canadian actress Julia Louis -Dreyfus have completed amazing, tremendous and breathtaking labor to generate such a glorious piece of cinematic art, dazzling, discerning, bright, crafty, amusing and delightful.

As the Enough Said trailer shows us, the main character of the Enough Said movie is a woman named Eve, a statistically mediocre lady of great wit and incredibly unfortunate life. She works as a masseuse, she just went through a horrid divorce, her grown-up daughter left her to start her college education, and Eve is so desperately alone, that she cannot even find courage to deal her fears. She is so alone, as only a deserted and desperate dreamer could be, she is lost, she is vain, she does not know, how to keep on believing. Although she tries to keep holding on and grips onto her hope, it is fading away like a mirage. In anxious attempts to cope with the impending depression, the heroine tries to find something to believe. And since Eve has always believed in love, her faith proves itself to be real. Eve gets an unexpected invitation to a boring party, but some unknown forces of fate push her to visit it. At this party she makes a new pleasant acquaintance, which later finds himself to be far more. At the first glance Albert seems to be an ordinary man with a terrific sense of humor, smart, kind and tender. And suddenly he is no longer ordinary. They start to communicate and it does not take long for both of them to realize that they are meant to be. The mutual feeling grows extremely fast, but neither of them is afraid or at least concerned, because in the God’s name, what could happen?

This is what happens, as it usually does in the movies like Enough Said. Eve has a longtime client and kind friend, a woman Eve always looked up to, a clever and a nice lady. In every conversation with Eve, however, this friend starts complaining about her ex-husband, who was the most disgusting human being, if to believe her words. The details, which Eve hears from her friend, intimidate her. After some insufficient period of time Eve realizes, that her friend’s terrible ex and her beloved Albert are the same man.

Nevertheless, as it is always meant to be, Eve faces her fabulous happy-ending along with Albert, happier than she could have ever imagined. If to spare speech, the Enough Said trailer promotes a movie about decisions we are destined to make every day and, naturally, the consequences we face. And sometimes, like the Enough Said trailer the consequences are a dream come true.