Monday, October 21, 2013

Lady Gaga Wants You To Have Full Control In 'Do What U Want' Featuring R. Kelly

Serving as the first promotional single from Lady Gaga's Artpop album, Do What U Want brings a classic club beat that is seldom heard from the artist's track lists. This is by far among the freshest sound that we hear from Lady Gaga, something new and something that I am not used to hearing from her usually explosive tunes. And yet the song turns out to be among the best...

Do What U Want by Lady Gaga ft. R. Kelly

With Do What U Want, she's tapping on to a new territory of slow tempo music that surely makes you wanna go sweat with the heat... No wonder, because the song was written by Lady Gaga, R. Kelly Paul "DJ White Shadow" Blair, Martin Bresso and William Grigahcine. Many heads are better than one, so they say...

Listen to Do What U Want by Lady Gaga, featuring R. Kelly.

Just so you knowDo What U Want is the 7th track from Lady Gaga's upcoming album. And every week before the album's release, Lady Gaga will be releasing new promotional singles, so you'll expect new songs from her on October 27th and November 4th.

Artpop by Lady Gaga (her third studio album, so far) will hit music stores on November 8, 2013.