Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Music Video: Love Somebody By Maroon 5 Showcases Some Monochromatic Love And Inventiveness

The latest Maroon 5 single entitled Love Somebody may have not been the best song that the band could offer, but the music video is another story. The song, which sounded a little like Whitney Houston's song, is easily forgivable because it added some rather under-appreciated original elements.

Beware of the following music video directed by Rich Lee (who also directed some music videos by, The Black Eyed Peas, Nicole Scherzinger and a lot more), because it's just so inventive and clever. With a just a little tweak of the special effects the resulting product is an art painting in progress.

Watch the very engaging and uncanny-valley-effect-inducing music video of Love Somebody by Maroon 5.

Just compare this video with this photo taken during the shoot of the video.

So stop jabbering how the song sounded like a rehash of another and give Maroon 5 the chance they deserve. We know they have stumbled in the past, but the band is trying to up their game to keep up with the ever predictable mainstream.

One another note, don't you just enjoy Adam Levine and his team in The Voice Season 4?