Sunday, May 5, 2013

Video: Highway Don't Care By Tim McGraw Ft. Taylor Swift And Keith Urban

Who said that we'll have to wait for a couple more months before we can hear a new song or buy Taylor Swift's next album? Or much worse, how much longer should we wait just to have a glimpse of her in a new music video? The answer won't have to be too long because Highway Don't Care By Tim McGraw did us all a favor.

Prepare a very dry hanky because there's a chance it's gonna be soaking wet after you watch the music video for Highway Don't Care by Tim McGraw Ft. Taylor Swift And Keith Urban:

Even if this song is so emotional and sad and tragic, I can't help but smile to my self...

Back then, Taylor Swift used too sing only about her crush for this guy and now they are singing together in this very emotional country song. I don't know who is happier: Taylor or Tim. It's a lucky thing Keith Urban is with them in collaboration, because we might not know what would happen if we leave this two on their own...

I am now quite satisfied actually, hearing Swifty's voice in a new song that's not entirely her own. We'll have to contend with more featuring songs for a while, I believe, before we can have her new album, if there's actually one coming.