Friday, May 24, 2013

Get To Know The Snails In The New Turbo Character Posters

This July will give way to the 27th 3d feature film offering of Dreamworks Animation. The studio has been sharing with us some of the best 3d animations for years and this time around Turbo, featuring a snail super speeding on the fast lane, will grace the wide screens nearest you.

Meet the characters played by Maya Rudolph, Ben Shcwartz, Snoop Dog, Michael Bell and Samuel L. Jackson in these hot new posters released hourly by Dreamworks Animation. I will update this post every time a new one debuts online.

Get to know your Turbo characters before its official release.

Maya Rudolph is Burn

Turbo: Maya Rudolph is Burn

Meet Burn! She's sassy and sly, but underneath that hard outer shell is a true romantic.

Ben Schwartz is Skidmark

Turbo: Ben Schwartz is Skidmark

Meet Skidmark! A master heckler, he thinks no stunt is complete without an epic wipeout.

Snoop Dogg is Smoove Move

Turbo: Snoop Dogg is Smoove Move

Smoove Move is the smoothest snail around! He may not say much, but when he does, he says it with style. Ya dig?

Samuel L. Jackson is Whiplash

Turbo: Samuel L. Jackson is Whiplash

Meet Whiplash! He’s the head honcho (er, snail) in the Starlight racing crew. He’s ruthless on the track and won’t take no for an answer.

Michael Bell is White Shadow

Turbo: Michael Bell is White Shadow

Meet White Shadow! He's fast - like a shadow! Now you see him, and now you... still see him... kinda like a shadow...

Updated: And finally here is the star. Ryan Reynolds as Turbo.

Ryan Reynolds is Turbo

Ryan Reynolds is Turbo

Turbo is a snail with an impossible dream.

Turbo races to your cinemas and to your hearts on July 21, 2013.