Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Watch When You're Ready: 'Come & Get It' Music Video By Selena Gomez

I know everyone loves Selena Gomez -- everyone loves her like a love song, baby. That is why I was wondering what the hell happened when she and her hubby JB broke up. Of course it made every Justin Bieber fan happy since they now have a chance on him.

We can say the same with the boys that ogled over Selena, but this song is simply giving me a not so good a vibes. Do you think Selena did not quite get over with the break-up, even if she does know that love will be the death of her...

Is this an open invitation for Justin Bieber to come back, when he's ready and has matured enough? I hope not.

The lyrics might as well be rubbing salt on the wound, as far as I am concerned, but the music video is another thing. Selena Gomez herself, the scenes and the photography are to die for. It was always given that Selena would look great and hot in anything, but she was even more so when backdropped by the innocence and rawness of nature -- it is where she rightly belongs...

Stop looking back, Selena, and move on with the right guy for you!