Sunday, May 19, 2013

Come Alive With The New Alive Music Video by Bo Bruce, Co-written With Danny O'Donoghue

Alive is Bo Bruce's song co-written with The Voice UK mentor Danny O'Donoghue. Considering Danny's song-writing skills and Bo Bruce's fantastic voice, this song is surely to leave a spot among who hears it.

The music video is directed by James Lawes with Ben Fordesman as director of photography. It was edited by Jonny Lee Mills and colored by Dan Moran with the visual efects supervised by Abi Tomasiewicz.

Watch the music video of Alive by Bo Bruce.

Honestly, I can't really choose the best song in Bo Bruce's Before I Sleep album, because they are all equally very good.

Updated: The story of regret and wanting to live once again after realizing you haven't done everything you wanted to and then Damocles ended your pawned life. That's the very theme of the new music video by Bo Bruce, centering on the second single entitled Alive (from her Before I Sleep debut album).

Check out the music video's behind-the-scenes.

The video vaguely feels like a remake of 1990 film entitled Ghost, starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. The good thing is even death cannot set Bo and her lover apart. If only that happens most of the time for the living...

The music video was directed by James Lawes (he also directed The Fall music video), with Ben Fordesman for director of photography. It was edited and colored by Jonny Lee Mills and Dan Moran, respectively. Abi Tomasiewicz supervised the video's visual effects.

You can purchase her album on iTunes and you can view her June 2013 tour schedule over here.