Monday, May 20, 2013

Music Video Of All Our Lives (Needy Me) By Max Milner Offers Some Wet Bathroom Scenes

The playful video of Max Milner's newest single, All Our Lives (Needy Me), offers some of the most honest scenes a music video could offer. This song, which is the first track in his recently released The Acoustic Deleted EP, is a bit not good for younger listeners, but is simply fresh for those who can relate.

The music video is directed by Max Milner himself with the now commonly used home-video style, allowing viewers to see some intimate scenes that are not only limited to the playful bath scene.

Watch the music video of All Our Lives (Needy Me) by Max Milner.

The woman in this video is named Sam Jackson, not sure if she is really Milner's girl or just in this music video. Ciaran O'Brien is responsible of the photography as well as the editorial of the scenes. The visual effects are supervised and made by Toby Dale.