Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Bliss of The Script's #3 Album, This Isn't A Music Review

The Script - #3

The Script has always been a part of my earlier years. Most of my memories were etched with the band's life-changing songs. Any of their songs always triggers an emotion deep within me. Each song is a different flavor and each flavor determines who I am. Now that their latest album is released another chapter of my life opened, serenaded by the band's ingenious music.

The album definitely describes my current experiences, the way I feel as of the moment and the memories I am currently making. Without intending it, tears are easily running down my eyes. Most of the songs are melancholic with a little touch of pop and ballad. And honestly I can't decide which one of the 10 songs I liked best, because I like them all as if they were my own little children -- fair and square.

Decide for your self which of these songs from The Script's #3 album track list, you like best:

1. Good Ol' Days, 4:21
2. Six Degrees of Separation, 3:50
3. Hall of Fame, 3:21
4. If You Could See Me Now, 3:37
5. Glowing, 4:45
5. Give The Love Around, 4:22
7. Broken Arrow, 4:33
8. Kaleidoscope, 3:38
9. No Words, 4:03
10. Millionaires, 3:08

So here's what I think as I digest the album through its tracks, one by one:

Good Ol' Days

Opening the entire main course is a reminiscent of the band's previous songs from Science & Faith. It's so appropriately done to send us a message of the wonders of reminiscing the good old days when we were younger -- the better days, indeed. For me it's a song to remember and calculate our past so that we can discover our present and future. The past where we were still silly and all can put some smiles on our faces. We made some mistakes along the way, but we should arrive at learning from those experiences.

This mixture of melody and semi rap is so good for the ears and the heart that I can't help but hit the play button again and again. Actually the song is a combination of some snippets from the band's previous song like For The First Time and all the others that made the journey of the band worthwile. It shouts the message that Danny has somehow moved on from what was then a very hard moment in his life described in For the First Time. Like him we must all learn from the past and move on.

Favorite Line: "We were all singin' about better days, better days.."

Six Degrees of Separation

I don't know, but I guess this song is so sexy. Melancholic tune is something that turns me on. This song is exactly me, trying to separate my self because I can't take my reality anymore. But I need to hide these emotions by showing a smile on my face despite feeling the opposite. The song teaches us some steps starting with finding the root of these all and hopefully finding the answers.

I am really broken hearted as of the moment and this song could be my saving grace. No amount of separating our selves could save us, because we need help from others. No man is an island indeed, no matter how you convince your self you can do it alone. Just remember that someone is there for you. You might not be able to see them around you, but they are there. Trust me. Start looking up above and you will know what I mean. Oh shit, can't stop these tears now...

Favorite Line: "Taking control..."

Hall of Fame

This is the main reason why I was clamoring for the release of #3 album as it was released as a single preceding the album. This collaboration between The Script and is somehow a fruit of their companionship over The Voice UK. This is a very good song that convinces us that we could reach our dreams in our own time and in our own pace.

There is something great in store for us. No matter what other people say just believe in your self, your dreams, and the people that support you and you will finally reach your destination. The way must be hard, but there is no sweeter reward than accomplishing something you know you have exerted your best with. Follow your dreams, that's what it is all about.

Favorite Line: "You can be a champion..."

If You Could See Me Now

My core was touched by this song, because I know how it felt to have a parent that you could not be together with anymore because they are already gone. You are always stricken by that wishful thinking that somehow you could share your achievements with them. We are not what we are now without our parents, love ones, siblings -- in short, family. Family is where we learn how to view the world as we see it now.

This deeply family-oriented song would certainly touch millions who have lost a loved one. That longing that could not be filled by anyone else will always be part of your life. You will try to find it among other people, but it isn't going to be satisfied. Oh if only we could go back time and express how we truly feel before they would finally be gone. Do everything that you could do as Danny puts it.

Favorite Line: "I still look for your face in the crowd..."


I picture myself in a very wide plain with very green grass whenever I hear this song. With me is someone so dear to me that makes my heart skip a bit. That person in your case could be someone who is special to you. Someone who puts a smile to your face, someone who could make you glow with that wonderful feeling. Would you agree with me that you'll do everything for that someone, even experience the hardships the moments will throw at you?

Unfortunately, everything in this world has an ending. And it's a pain to think that all your efforts, all the time you've spent together and every moment you experienced will be put to waste. Human as we are we were always destined to commit mistakes. And if that would be the cause of the rifts in one's relationship we will eventually come to regret the bad decisions we made that lead to the failure of that love....

Favorite Line: "I will never gonna stop until the clock stops ticking..."

Give The Love Around

This feel-good piece of eargasm is a simple song with a great message. Share the happiness brought about by love. Love is an infection that you can share with anyone around you -- even with your foes. Isn't it a good feeling if you could share something with someone else. To think that many will benefit from it and won't be stagnant just within you.

We are born to help others even if we could not help our selves. And the best way to help is to share our love. Love will drive you to do things you don't usually do. It is in love we find the strength even if we are so fed up and tired. What a peaceful place the world will be if we love each other. So give that love... give that love around.

Favorite Line: "Life is so funny if you're going into the ring..."

Broken Arrow

The self realization of one's loneliness is a very hard thing to accept, how much more to see the one we love fall for this loneliness and we could not do anything about it. This induces in us to be lonely or depressed as well. If only we have the power to change it so... but we cant!

This quite upbeat song that focuses on a very depressing topic is a paradox. I am supposed to be happy with the beats, but the lyrics uncover some sad emotions deep within me. Reality check: I don't really know what I am saying here because I am so overwhelmed by this smug emotion as I listened to the song.

Favorite Line: "Never, never bite more than you can chew..."


Confident! That's what the song wanted us to be. I can take anything and face anything the moment throws into my plate. This happy vibes that give us the feeling that we are not afraid to face anything: we are brave. And if we face every aspects of our lives without fear, we will see every colors in our life like a kaleidoscope. If we are to take every negative vibes on a positive light how wonderful this life could be.

A good song to listen to if we are about to do something we thought we will not be able to accomplish. Feeling invinsible attracts other people, it could also help them to be strong in their own struggle. Spread this good feeling by setting our selves as examples to others. And like a kaleidoscope, lets all create a wonderful pattern of colors and reflections.

Favorite Line: "You can bend me 'til I break..."

No Words

I remember a friend when this song plays over my head phones. There are moments that silence would be more effective rather than saying something. When a pat on the shoulder, a touch on the hands or even a hug could immediately express the emotions deep within you that words could not even define satisfactorily. There are more things that we could do to show our affection other than words. There are a lot, actually.

Spending some quality time together could be one. Even sitting together somewhere calming have its own share of affection. We are so limited by the verbal and the lingual interaction that we tend to forget the power of silent company. Just as the song tries to tell us there are somethings that we can't put to words, but if done accordingly will have greater effects in others.

Favorite Line: "I could talk all day long about dreams..."


This song puts a smile to my face because it reminds me of my own experiences. Like every time when we are with friends or a special someone that we almost forget time and don't take a care what other people would say. We do our own thing and feel too comfortable and spend without worrying that maybe on the next day you might need that money for something more important.

Those were the days when we feel like kings and queens. I missed those days also, but I am not quite sure if I could go back there. I don't wanna end those era, yet they are gone. This closing song certainly ends the album very nicely. The entire album experience is a trip down memory lane that eventually wakes me up to return to my reality.

Favorite Line: "Spending the time like we are millionaires..."

Thank you, The Script, for this wonderful experience you have shared with me and millions of others. You made my day once again, a satisfying and fulfilling happiness that I seldom experience now-a-days...

This boy here seems to be overreacting to The Script's #3 album, but -- hey! -- that's the way I feel about the songs. You get good music from good talents and Danny O'Donoghue, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power have such talents. That is why no matter what you say I stand by my thoughts and opinions. You could simply comment here if you disagree or you can make your own rants and reviews regarding the album...


Em K G said...

This is an awesome article. I love the individual track break downs. "Six Degrees of Separation" is my favorite song on the album. Also, I dig the "Hall of Fame" video. <--- just in case you haven't seen it =D

Kernel's Corner said...

Em, I definitely agree with you on 'Six Degrees of Separation'. I used to listen to this song in particular (in a loop) every time I woke up and before I went to sleep. PS: I am also into 'Hall of Fame' when I wanted to be inspired every time I am doing something and the video made me love it even more. Thanks for stopping by. ; )

Anonymous said...

Fantastic review! I also think that this is some great work from The Script. The Album is really strong for a third, I'm loving the music video for HoF and can't wait to see what they have planned next! Hopefully more tour dates! I'm staying tuned to to keep up with it all.

Kernel's Corner said...

Danny revealed that they're making another music video by sharing a photo. I'm guessing it is 'Six Degrees of Separation' since they are putting a hype on the marketing of the song already. So far they released a lyric video of it, which you can view here:

Try to subscribe on The Script's newsletter as well.