Saturday, September 29, 2012

'Your Body' Music Video Reinstated Christina Aguilera as Queen of Pop

Your Body by Christina Aguilera

XpiredTina is definitely what you're going to call Christina Aguilera if you belong to the hater's camp. You would have definitely lambasted her recent body figure, which seems to ooze out of her sequins-infested wardrobe. And if you're really one of the top rank haters, you would really have asserted that her presence over the TV Show called The Voice simply ruins it all.

But since I am not one of the haters and I don't belong to the Dark Side, I say that these banters are simply uttered out of bitterness just because Xtina has reedemed her spotlight. And to put things on order I dare say I reinstated her as the Queen of Pop when she released her music video for Your Body. This Melina Matsoukas directed piece of a flirty visual experience will surely melt your Popsicle.

Make sure to close your mouth before you watch Christina Aguilera's Your Body music video:

Bringing back the old style that made her music videos a hit, Christtina Aguilera is back on track with this sexy -- I mean the kinda dirty kind -- music video that brings out the hots and roughness in every testosterone-laden guys to their knees. Every girls are jealous!

Should Xtina's every future tracks and music videos be as great as this one then I am sure every aspiring girls will surely be on music stores to buy her upcoming Lotus album. All they can dream to do is immolate her and hopefully achieve the sex appeal level that Xtina has on this music video.

Boys from ages 9-90 would surely love this one.