Monday, October 1, 2012

Enjoying Cebu's Easy-Access Tourist Spots and Destinations

Cebu City

Time is of the essence for the busy-bodies like me. As much as I could I shouldn't lose any of my time due to busy schedule. But being a human being I still need to relax and enjoy once in a while without having to jeopardize what is most vital for me. That is why I just thought it too good to be true after realizing there are a lot of destinations actually where you don't have to travel long, spend so much money and, of course, waste so much time.

Cebu offers such places. If you are in for a simple nature tripping, a quest for adrenaline rush, a mental chaser after the traffic jam or a place where you can reflect for a while, then you don't have to look far and wide around the Queen City of the South. Try and experience the simple joy these easy-access tourist destinations that are best suited for the busy-bodies like you:

The Sky Experience Adventure

Just a gaze away from Cebu City's famous Osmeña Circle, Crown Regency offers an escape for all adrenaline junkies. Their Sky Experience Adventure is certainly the ultimate escapade that I have never thought possible in an urban area. Experience the queasy and disorienting feeling of riding the Edge Coaster and fly amongst birds while attached to the secure lines of the famous inter-building Sky Lift. The venue also offers a unique experience for all movie buffs through the vertigo-inducing 4D Theater. There are a lot more of facilities that you could enjoy, just make sure you have a thick wad of money inside your wallets. This is a high class adrenaline experience, that deserves high class rates.

Views from Crown Regency:
A Communion with Nature

For the introverts and nature lovers, nothing beats a top-of-the-mountain experience. An easy getaway for this kind of trip would be the Tops located in Busay. It could be easily accessed through private vehicles since the route is laid with concrete roads. But for a more memorable experience, why not take the local habal-habal and experience the nice gust of wind and beautiful scenery while going to the top of the mountain. Late afternoon is the very ideal time to take a visit, because it is when you'll witness the sunset Cebu City style and the grand city lights that's waiting for you. Take a few minutes on your own and enjoy the serene and silent aura that would help you relax and forget the things that usually trouble you.

Only in The Tops:
Savoring Faithful and Prayerful Moments

There's no shortage of destinations for the religious and the faithful here in Cebu. There are many destinations that you could take for your internal pilgrimage and so far I have visited two: the Sto. Nino Basilica and the Taoist Temple. Sto. Nino homes one of the most famous religious icons of the Queen City of the South, the Magellan's Cross. You can light up a candle and offer up a prayer or thanksgiving whilst there. This is another best way to reflect and reconsider one's faith... A few kilometers away from the Basilica is the Taoist temple strategically situated midway a mountain range, among the beautiful homes in Beverly Hills Subdivision. You can contemplate with the scenery and enjoy a culture that is probably different from yours.

Reflect and meditate in these shrines:
Peace in the Midst of Urban Rush

There are actually places in the city where you can enjoy a peaceful time and then indulge your self with a nice dinner. Cebu Business and IT Parks may sound intimidating, but the places actually boast some nice spots where you can sit for a while and run away from rush of the city life. The trimmed and extra green grass of the wide unoccupied spaces at the parks are a nice place to relax. Gaze upon the tall buildings and share the infectious mirth of some people around you. The best part is when you go hungry you can easily hop on to the nearest restaurants, like Casa Verde and Moon Cafe, and enjoy a sumptuous meal. This is city living at its best, less the hustle and bustle of too much human and vehicular traffic.

Revel in these urban privileges:
If you have any more places in mind, please do share and let's explore them all together in the near future.