Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Voice: MarissaAnn And Chevonne Are The Last Ones To Be Stolen And A Preview To The Knockout Round

The Voice Season 3

Two lucky artists were once again back on the game after losing in the Battle Rounds -- and they're both ladies. Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton have one Steal power each that they used up to these ladies to complete their team of ten. Now that every coach has completed its members, the inevitable Knockout Round is about to come -- with a new twist.

How will this upcoming round feel and look? We still don't know because this round is only introduced this season. All we know is this is much like the Battle Rounds, but this time the competing artists will sing a similar song individually. What's more exciting about this is they will not know their opponent until their performance day.

But before that, let's take a look at the two remaining artists that were stolen from their original coaches.


Christina certainly knows how to choose the beautiful ones among the aspirants despite having her back turned away. She snagged two of the most loveliest contestants in the show that deserve to move on to the next rounds. But when the Battle Round came to pass it was inevitable that one of them should go... until Blake decided to save the loser. MarissaAnn, being the youngest in the group, may have been stronger during rehearsals, but Devyn DeLoera has proven that who ever had more voice control would certainly own the spotlight. In the end, its not one's performance during the rehearsals that matters most, but the final one during the Battle. Just like what Christina said, it's gonna come down to "putting the right ad-libs at the right time so it doesn't turn to overkill."


No offence to Chevonne, but I find this pairing a little too incompatible. I wondered why Cee Lo moved on with this biased pairing. Devyn is simply one of the powerhouse performers and I immediately felt Chevonne may have been shaken a little bit. Lucky for her, Christina is there to save her despite all these. She may have a pitch issue during the final performance, but it was all maybe due to nerves. To hear all the other judges favor Devyn more could have broken any lesser artists, but Devonne kept her head high and maintained a cool image to it all. She may have lost Cee Lo, but she gained another coach with Christina.

A Recap on Steals

Team Adam: Stolen, Amanda Brown, Joselyn Rivera; zero (0) steal power left
Team Christina: Stolen, Alessandra Guercio, Chevonne; zero (0) steal powers left
Team Cee Lo: Stolen, Caitlin Michele, Terisa Griffin; zero (0) steal power left
Team Blake: Stolen, Collin McLoughlin, MarissaAnn; zero (0) steal power left

Prepare for the Knockout Round

The eight lucky artists have been chosen to complete the ranks of the stolen. Other hopefuls have no more chances to move on to the Knockout Round after losing in the Battle. This lucky 8 will join the other 32 that originally won in the Battle Rounds. After this the members of each coach will be reduced to half again, leaving 5 artists per coach and an overall of 20 remaining finalists who will move on to the live shows.