Saturday, October 13, 2012

Where Can I Buy Robyn Young's Renegade (Insurrection Trilogy Book # 2)

Robyn Young

It's almost two years since I've last heard of Robyn Young with the release of her newest series, The Insurrection Trilogy. It was written much like with the same quirks and appeal that The Brethren Trilogy had and that means I am hopping on my seat once again because of too much excitement. Insurrection was the first book in the new trilogy and it was released like ages ago, 2010 to be exact.

After I have read and bought a mass market paperback copy of it I was eager to buy the sequel and her latest work which is entitled Renegade. It was already published last August 30, 2012, but even Amazon couldn't sell it for the US market. What a shame. Should I wait for many more months before I could finally have a copy of it, much less for a mass market edition that comes much later than the initial release?

I mean, who would never be tempted to buy Renegade after seeing this wonderful cover:

Top that with this much enticing synopsis and I am already sold, but with no power to buy the book anywhere near me:

King Edward of England marches on Scotland, his campaign to unite the British Isles under one crown inspired by an Arthurian prophecy. He has already crushed Wales; now he needs only find the Staff of St Malachy, symbol of Irish nationhood, to achieve his implacable desire.

One man alone can thwart Edward’s plan. Leaving his war-torn home, Robert Bruce has sailed to Ireland, determined to find the Staff and keep it out of Edward's hands. His veins run with the blood of kings and his destiny to fulfil his family's claim to the throne of Scotland burns in his mind. But on the run through the wild country, hunted by a relentless assassin, Robert seems a long way from achieving his ambition. And there are other eyes on Scotland’s crown, old enemies gathering against him.

This is a game of conquest, power and treachery, and Robert finds that to survive he must first abandon everything he holds dear. He was always prepared to die on the battlefield - but what else must he sacrifice to keep his hopes alive?

Renegade is a dazzling story of conspiracy and divided loyalties, battle and betrayal, and a superb portrait of the medieval world.

Robyn Young... Amazon... can you all hear me? Please stop teasing me with these mouth watering marketing and start selling the book in the United States already. I am not from US, but I am only buying books with US editions and nothing less would satisfy. I just hate it when Robyn Young posted this yet another appetizer that makes me wanna go crazy.

Now, I'm definitely going nuts. Please, would anyone of you give me a copy of this book? I'll just swallow my pride and deal with UK editions for that matter as long as I'll be able to read the book. The copy published by Hodder and Stoughton would do, but please make sure it's in mass market paperback format to match my other Robyn Young collections arranged neatly on my already over-crowded bookshelf.


Unknown said...
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Kernel's Corner said...

Would you believe it's for OC reasons. For one the differences may include but not limited to word usage, cover, typesets and fonts, and even the publisher.

Kernel's Corner said...

Us version is almost always available in our area compared with UK edition.