Monday, October 15, 2012

Corn Kernel's Round Up of Recent Changes and Why I Think You Should Care


The past few weeks have become a whirlwind of change. Yours truly has been troubled by these changes left and right that he didn't quite know what to do at first. The effect of such changes has been tremendous and for a while life-shattering. There's a little difficulty at first, but then everything became effortless and a little well-oiled, which surprisingly I started to like and get used to.

There are small changes and big ones, for sure. That is why I decided to sum it up here because somehow I needed to release the stress and the past difficulties I went through. Some changes are necessary and some I feel like I was forced to do. I just hope you could relate with me with these travesties:

From Windows PC to MacBook Pro

It would be a usual scene in the office that people would make fun of me. In past few weeks I have been jokingly discriminated in the office since I still cling to my Windows PC. Everyone uses a MacBook Pro and almost everything are Apple products. My manager said that a rule must be set up: that the office must be Windows free and everyone must use Apple products only. There's no problem of where I am to get a MacBook since it's the company that will provide for it, but what I am not happy about is the difficulty of shifting from one OS to another.

I was a little lax about this at first considering all these a joke, until the MacBook Pro was thrust into my face without warning. I was smiling of course, because everyone dreams to use a sleek and expensive looking Mac. I was ready to show it off, but then I shrank when I remembered that my life revolved around my PC: the files, the applications, and the connectivity we had. Despite having a very short tutorial on how to use it I was a little intimidated. The difficulty is still there, because up until now I feel like a child learning my first steps using a MacBook.

A Change To a Minimalism Blog Theme

Kernel's Corner has been around for quite sometime now, but it is only when I transferred to Cebu that it got my attention. I have only used two different themes before, but nothing really stuck to my taste. I was a little confident that this latest theme will be for good. I have invested my time and patience over it, editing posts improving the out-of-the-box theme and making my own branding for the site, such as the icon, logo and all.

I was lucky to stumble upon Premium Blogger Templates and found a very simplistic and minimalist theme. The theme was actually called Newslayer, a convert from a wordpress theme that has been circulating around the internet since prehistoric times, I think. It's for free, but of course you are not allowed to remove some interlinking attribution at the bottom of the theme until you maybe paid for it. For now I am happy for the theme, despite a little effect on the traffic and all.

In Connection to Personal Change in the Future

I guess these temporal changes are preparing me for the ultimate change in life that I should have done already. They are giving me a foresight of the difficulty that I was about to undergo, but then reminds me that the fruit is sweeter when you have labored for it. Maybe it's time to actually purge my self of the things that are not contributing to me and just drag me down.

I will call this project Operation Purge: a timely project for the New Year. New year, new self, new perspective. I believe I am strong enough to cope, unlike what many of my bitter seniors think of me.