Monday, October 22, 2012

5 Websites That You Should Visit For A Worthwhile Nature Photography Hopping


For most of us Mother Nature has become the source or means of relaxation, appreciation and reflections. But all these we paid with carelessness and disregard that caused the ruin, or diminishing in the least, of its beauty that the next generations would almost never witness. The only natural beauty available to us now are mostly those that are not easy to access or would entail too much effort just to reach it.

Thanks to the power of photography many of our fellow human beings were able to capture and preserve some aspects of our nature that would most probably be gone after a few more decades. We the unfortunate and unlucky ones now have the capacity to appreciate these wonders even if they are limited only to the four corners of the photograph. And what's great is the fact that they have been posted online for us to access.

Visit these five websites to help you see the wonders of our Mother Nature:

National Geographic

Photo by Andrew George, My Shot

My grandparents used to subscribe to National Geographic magazines. Even then, when internet was not yet popular, the magazine already featured numerous wonders of nature frozen in the four corners of the print. Some are too beautiful that they had to print them on separate and wider pages like they were maps of some kind. Now that technology have evolved National Geographic's means of sharing these wonders leveled-up as well. Taken by hundreds of member photographers and contributors, the photos could be as varied scenes of dry desserts to polar coldness.


Photo by Angus Clyne, Flickr

Flickr has been a great avenue for both amateur and professional photographers. The site offers a wide range of themes which include but not limited to portraits, still life, fashion and of course nature. Many artist have been posting their unique photos of nature -- most are priceless and a few life-changing. The example above is just one of the many aspects of nature that the tropical areas will never ever witness first hand, unless a cataclysmic event would shift the Earth on its axis and cause devastating effects on nature.


Photo by Jeff Schmaltz, MODIS Land Rapid Response Team

If you are in for aerial shots and space adventures, NASA's collection of images will just prove how minuscule we are. The world is so huge, but it would only take millions of tiny creatures to deface it. But before all that could happen, thanks to the modern satellite technologies, we can now view the Earth from above without having to leave our planet or spend so much money for a personal tour of the Earth inside a spaceship. Our prehistoric predecessors never thought in a million years to be able to watch the Earth from space, all they could do was the reverse: gazing at the beauty of the stars.

BBC Earth

Photo from BBC Earth, Frozen Planet

BBC Earth features a series of documentaries that cover any topic under the sun. With these documentaries come beautiful photos captured during the development of the film. Most are screen captures of their videos, but a few were actual pictures taken by photographers. These explorations of the wild and beautiful parts of the planet are immortalized with not only visual offerings but insights that help us realize they are not gonna last forever. These photos are urging us not only to appreciate, but also to take action of preserving the sole living planet in the solar system.

Discovery Channel

Photo by David GeFranza, Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel seldom features nature photography, but they never disappoint when it does. These beauties are a breather to their usual servings of human affairs, which I have to admit is sometimes worse than any World War.

There are many other websites that feature similar interest on nature photography. Some may be personal blogs, a few based on magazines and television shows, and mostly amateur and professional photography sites -- all of them showcase fantastic and rare shots of nature... All you have to do is to discover and let the world know about these websites. For now I got to hop on to Tumblr and Pinterest for more of nature's wonders.