Friday, October 19, 2012

The Voice: Terisa Griffin, Joselyn Rivera and Alessandra Guercio Are Added To The Ranks Of Stolen Artists

The Voice Season 3

To continue citing the benefit of Steal in the Battle Rounds of The Voice Season 3, we once again praise (or express our disappointment) to the new set of hopefuls that were saved from instant doom. Three losers from the Battle were given another chance to move on in this season's newly crafted Knockout Round. This week, three females held their heads high after snagging a different coach despite their failure against another competitor.

Last week's stolen artists proved to be worth the Steal button push, so now let's digest if this week's newly reinstated artists have the talent and the guts to make it on to the Finals. Who among this three deserves to remain on their spots:

Terisa Griffin

After Blake said that he didn't really know who won the Battle Round, it all boiled down to whoever had improved the most. And it was Julio Cesar Castillo, as far as the coach is concerned. Lucky for Terisa Griffin, Cee Lo had already expressed his interest on her even before the she was revealed to be the loser. That's why it's quite too predictable that when Blake let go of her Cee Lo was ready to take her in.

Terisa was a confident contender, but she just turned you off when during the rehearsals she was a little rattled thinking that Blake chose a difficult and fast song, in contrast with her ballad taste, to get rid of her. And after she lost in the Battle, wouldn't you think that she was actually right, after all...

Joselyn Rivera

If I should have been on Christina's place, I would certainly find it hard to choose between Sylvia Yacoub & Joselyn Rivera. They are both beautiful, talented and have the potential of becoming the winner. Same thing must be going on to Adam Levine's and Blake Shelton's minds even though they feigned to play hard-to-get when pushing the Steal button after Christina chose to let go of Joselyn. Team Adam won over the bidding eventually.

Watching them both outperformed each other in the ring was the best moment of the episode. The cheering crowd just made it harder for me to choose between the two, and I just left that hard decision to Aggie, who's all smile during the whole performance. These young ladies will certainly be more competitive, knowing both of them will go on with the show under different coaches.

Alessandra Guercio

After stealing Joselyn, Adam Levine tasted the payback when Christina stole his losing artist.The moment he paired up two seventeen-year old talented girls, Adam was already on trouble. Kayla Nevarez and Alessandra Guercio certainly made him indecisive. In the end, inborn talent won over a trained artist. The crowd always prefer a vulnerable performance over a perfect one, which is obviously true also with Adam Levine.

Thanks to Christina, the losing beauty was back on track and would stay for more rounds. Her voice may not have been the best, but she has the looks that any guy can easily fall for. She's such a guy-magnet at a young age! I just wanted to slap Aggie on the face when she did her dirty trick of saying her send off message to Alessandra when all along she has the intention to steal her. Nicely played, Christina.

A Recap on Steals

Team Adam: Stolen, Amanda Brown, Joselyn Rivera; zero (0) steal power left
Team Christina: Stolen, Alessandra Guercio; one (1) steal powers left
Team Cee Lo: Stolen, Caitlin Michele, Terisa Griffin; zero (0) steal power left
Team Blake: Stolen, Collin McLoughlin; one (1) steal power left

Only Christina and Blake have one remaining steal power each and Adam and Cee Lo have used up their own. The most coveted spots for the Steal have became lesser and lesser, giving more pressure to the possible losers. Considering Christina Aguilera's and Cee Lo Green's tastes, only power-belting artists and grand performers are more probably to be saved. Only eighteen remaining contestants will face in the Battle Round, nine will be chosen, two will be saved and bye-bye for the rest.