Monday, October 22, 2012

Phillip Phillips To Release 'The World From The Side Of The Moon' Debut Album This November

Phillip Phillips

Interscope just announced that American Idol season 11 winner Phillip Phillips will release his debut album on November 19, 2012. This will coincide with the release of the greatest hits album of another American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson. The lad will certainly have a hard time landing a spot on the music charts, if that's case, knowing that the latter has proven her longevity over the airwaves and fame with her numerous fans.

Phillips' debut album will have one of the longest title in music and it was listed as -- I don't know what's the connection yet -- The World From The Side Of The Moon, which is already available for pre-order over Amazon. The title sounds a little cheesy for my taste, but will have to wait why the singer/songwriter insisted on that. The final list of tracks has not yet been revealed, but the artist shared on his website this bashful cover art:

Phillip Phillips The World From The Side Of The Moon album cover

Updated: Here are the official track listing of The World From The Side Of The Moon followed by preview samplers from the deluxe edition:

1. Man on the Moon
2. Home
3. Gone, Gone, Gone 
4.Hold On
5. Tell Me a Story
6. Get Up Get Down
7. Where We Came From
8. Drive Me
9. Wanted Is Love
10. Can't Go Wrong
11. A Fool's Dance
12. So Easy  

One thing is for sure though, the album will included his American Idol coronation song entitled Home, which was released as a single earlier. Mostly written and co-written  by Phillip Phillips himself, the other songs from this album will have the similar spirit and feel that Home had:

The album was produced by this dude here named Gregg Wattenberg, who was Grammy Award nominated for the song he has written and produced. He was part of some hit singles which include Hey, Soul Sister and If It's Love by Train, It's Not Over by Daughtry, Superman (It's Not Easy) and 100 Years by Five for Fighting and a few others. Check out Phillip Phillips and Gregg Wattenberg hanging out together:

Come back for more information on Phillip Phillips' The World From The Side Of The Moon. I'll let you know of the official track listing of the album should there be any official announcement about it.