Tuesday, October 9, 2012

'I Knew You Were Trouble' is Taylor Swift's Newest Single

Taylor Swift

What would you get if you put Taylor Swift and dance music into a mixer and shake them all together? Needless to say, you'll have a half-baked techno-dance song I Knew You Were Trouble. I knew the song would be troublesome enough for me to cringe, but I have to admit Taylor Swift is not there yet. It's like she's still a child learning her first steps on this single.

Collaborating with a lot of artists has certainly proven that her songs have become either great or a downer. This third promotional single from her upcoming fourth album is easily in the middle, though. I can hear the potential of its being great, but as I said earlier, it's not there yet. We can't deny that the song is a little too catchy, but I am not quite sure if people's affinity to it will last very long.

Listen for your self and please do share what you think of I Knew You Were Trouble:

If you are interested, here is the cover art for Taylor Swift's I Knew You Were Trouble:

Taylor Swift has shared to us that the song is about "being frustrated with yourself because here you are heartbroken and you knew when you first saw that person, you saw all these red flags and you just went for it anyway, so shame on me."

I don't really care if this song is one of my idol's favorite songs, all I gotta say is she needs to step up her game and be the superstar that she deserves to be. I hope there will be no more disappointment that comes from my Taylor, because if there is I'll simply be torn and broken to pieces. It seems Taylor is now going away from the label that made me love her the first time I listened to her previous albums. She's starting to lose her voice and conforms with what we now call as Pop.