Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Voice: Collin McLoughlin, Amanda Brown and Caitlin Michele are Among the First to Benefit from the Steal

The Voice Season 3

The Voice Season 3 has not even fired up yet with the live performance shows, but the battle among the coaches has been heating up already. Thanks to the much surprising thrills brought by the new addition to the show's mechanics, the Steal. The Battle Rounds are already a tricky business and to add another chance for the coaches to brawl against each other is simply glorious to behold on television.

The steal gives second chances to those who ever lost on the Battle Rounds, only if the other coaches take them in their already competitive team. Each coach can have two chances of stealing the losing artists from other coaches. That is why instead of having 8 artists (half of their originally 16-member team) on the coach's team after the round, he or she will have 10 that will move on to the next round.

So far three artists have been lucky enough to benefit from the Steal, while the rest of the losing artists got only a pat on the back and a temporary sympathy from the coaches -- that's real life, baby. Here's the roll call of the lucky three:

Collin McLoughlin

After this battle, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton took a chance to recruit Collin on their team despite losing against Bryan Keith. There's no wonder why these two judges pushed their buttons for Collin once again, because he has the package and the potential to become the winner of the show. The only thing is his voice is not that really powerful and somehow lack a little of vocal personality, the main reason maybe why he chose Blake Shelton to shelter him and guide him on the next rounds.

Amanda Brown

The battle round between Amanda Brown and Trevin Hunte was so heated up that all the coaches were so mesmerized by their performances. That is maybe why Cee Lo Green was a little too worried to choose who's the weaker link between the two because he knows Adam, Christina and Blake are ready to catch the loser. Just like what Adam said, whoever loses the round he is ready to take on his team, a plus point why Amanda chose him despite the likely choice on Christina. Adam was all smile after that.

Caitlin Michele

Melanie Martinez is an almost favorite of mine that is why I correctly predicted that Caitlin Michele would lose the round. Despite her almost Florence-like vocals I still prefer Melanie's unearthly voice. But that did not stop Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green from saving her. And its a wise decision for her to choose Cee Lo Green to prolong her stay in the show. They would certainly agree with each other in terms of artsy and grand productions.

A Recap on Steals

Team Adam: Stolen, Amanda Brown; one (1) steal power left
Team Christina: Stolen, None; two (2) steal powers left
Team Cee Lo: Stolen, Caitlin Michele; one (1) steal power left
Team Blake: Stolen, Collin McLoughlin; one (1) steal power left

Three steal powers have already been used up and only five remains. Five more artists who didn't make it on the Battle Rounds would still have the chance to move on under a different coach. Who do you think will be the next ones to be stolen and saved? Let's all find out this Monday, October 15 as more artists try to convince their coaches that they deserve to win the show. This will be a bloody round before we eventually proceed on the Knockout Round on The Voice.