Thursday, October 25, 2012

'Begin Again' Music Video Shows Off Taylor Swift's Magic and Charm, Paris Style

Taylor Swift

With the recent release of her Red album that proved to be a million-dollar gold mine, Taylor Swift is in for another surge of fans and bucks with the release of the music video of Begin Again, which is the last track of said album. It premiered over her official Vevo channel and for two days it already gained more than 150,000 viewers. What can you say about that?

If the high sales for her latest album goes on, Taylor Swift will more likely become the very first female artist in the last two decades (starting around 1991) to have two albums that sell more than a million copy in just the first week of release. To add more hype to this, Taylor Swift's said album  is currently #1 in iTunes US charts, but we're not yet sure until when it's gonna retain the spot.

Please don't tear up watching Taylor Swift's Begin Again music video, because it's supposed to have a happy ending:

I know Paris is one of the most romantic places in the world, but what is it in that place that recent music videos were shot there -- take Adele's Someone Like You, for example. Whatever's that attractive factor Taylor Swift seemed to discover as she decided to shoot Begin Again in this romantic place.

I wanna have an impression of Paris as a nice place to find love and not as a place to look for some heartbreaks, which Adele has unfortunately imposed on me. Thankfully, Taylor Swift has reinstated the magic that Paris could offer to any hopefuls in this fashion or haute coutre style music video.

The music video shoot started last September 30, 2012. You can peruse some behind-the-scene photos here.