Saturday, March 16, 2013

8 Things I Noticed With 'Feel This Moment' Music Video By Christina Aguilera Featuring Pitbull

Already a top 20 smash in the world's most important singles chart (Billboard's Hot 100), Feel This Moment marks Christina Aguilera's return to the limelight. Like most of her fans, I was left wondering why they (RCA) haven't released a video of the juicy country-rock duet Just A Fool already. It peaked at #71 and the songs showing strength in both iTunes and Billboard should by now have a video treatment, right?

Back to the Pitbull featuring Christina Aguilera song, the video for Feel This Moment have just been released today. Here are 8 things I noticed:
Pitbull - Feel This Moment Featurimg Christina Aguilera

1. Christina Aguilera has lost some of the weight -- or is it purely wardrobe orchestration by her stylist?

2. Pitbull pretends  he's a singer.

3. Christina screams a lot, and they sounded so good.

4. The black & white tinge made the video classy and watchable.

5. Pitbull does really have a huge fan base.

6. Christina always steals the show (like she did on Moves Like Jagger).

7. They had chemistry.

8. I forgot Christina was actually just a feature artist in Feel This Moment.

I wonder why Christina Aguilera always rocks on her feature performances these days, but seldom on her own songs...