Friday, March 15, 2013

6 Kick Ass 2 Character Posters Introduce The NSFW-Named Masked Heroes (And Villains)

We've met them in the swash-buckling Kick Ass 2 red-band trailer. We've seen some of them go dirty with words and moves. We've also witnessed how adept they were on breaking each others jaws and skulls. Now, it's time to know the characters of Kick Ass 2 and their NSFW-named alter egos.

Here are Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Kick-Ass, Chloƫ Grace Moretz as Hit-Girl, Daniel Kaluuya as Black Death, Lindy Booth as Night Bitch, Christopher Mintz-Plasse as The Mother Fucker and the misnomer Olga Kurkulina as Mother Russia.

Meet the old and new masked faces of the heroes (and villains) of Kick Ass 2:

Kick Ass 2 Character Poster

Updated: And here are two new posters from Kick Ass 2:

Kick Ass 2 was written and directed by Jeff Wadlow. The sequel will hit cinemas on August 16, 2013.