Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Triumphant Return Of Avril Lavigne With Here's To Never Growing Up Music Video

The last we've heard of Avril Lavigne was way back in 2011, when she released her fourth studio album entitled Goodbye Lullaby. We've also heard her soundtrack for Disney's Alice in Wonderland and that's even way earlier than the said abum. Without remembering that she usually releases her albums with a few years gap, I almost thought it would be the last we hear from this pop-punk-rock star.

I was happy to be wrong for the first time. Sigh... No need to worry now, because here is the evidence that Avril Lavigne has returned to the lime light with her latest single, Here's To Never Growing Up.

Here's To Never Growing Up is the first single from her upcoming and yet-to-be-titled fifth studio album under Epic Records. Avril collaborated with David Hodges, Chad Kroeger, Jacob Kasher, and Martin Johnson, who also produced the track, in writing this song.

With regards to this very familiar-looking music video (since she was wearing exactly the same attire as with her Complicated music video), it was directed by Robert Hales, with photography by Ketil Dietrichson and Art Direction by Lenny Tso. It was firstly shot on April 8, 2013 to reflect a senior prom which was then resumed on its second shooting on April 19.

Check out the similarities of Here's To Never Growing Up with Complicated.

If you've also been playing attention more closely, then you might have seen Avril's ex-band mates, Evan Taubenfeld and Devin Bronson, in the video.

No official date and title have been set yet for Avril Lavigne's fifth studio album, but I'll keep you posted.


Spot a Leopard said...

I didn't know she's got a new single out. Nice tune, hope this becomes a top 40 hit.

Kernel's Corner said...

This is the kind where word of the mouth would be very helpful. I was not even expecting a new single from AL, but here it was.