Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cassadee Pope Debuts Wasting All These Tears Single On The Voice, Ranks # 1 On iTunes Country Charts

Cassadee Pope returns on The Voice to perform for the first time in National television her newest single entitled Wasting All These Tears. Cassadee Pope, who was the show's third season champion, is the first female champion that is why every one is still treading on making predictions of what's gonna happen with her career.

So far, we don't have to make rough predictions, because the chart is making it easy for us. She is definitely a favorite, most especially among country song afficionados... Watch Cassadee Pope's full performace of Wasting All These Tears on The Voice.

At first my ears ware deceived because she sounded so much like Avril Lavigne, but you wouldn't believe that this song is already # 1 on iTunes country charts. Thanks to Blake Shelton, she will never be again compared to Avril after shifting from punk-rock to country genre, which was a relief because it did her wonders. Remember the country song that skyrocketed her career and ranked on some charts especially in iTunes last December?

This shift definitely opened up new wonders for her, allowing her to snag the championship, but I am quite hoping she'll sometimes go back to her roots once in a few while. Although it must be something really fresh and new, to avoid the comparison I said earlier, and I do think she is capable of doing it.

Whatever path Cassadee Pope takes, I'm sure she will always have a huge number of followers...