Tuesday, June 18, 2013

John Mayer's Paper Doll Music Video Had A Lot Of Help From Joanna Rohrback

Artistry just never ends from so called artists. John Mayer, with all due respect, abstained from putting himself in front of the camera to do the official music video of Paper Doll, which is the first single from his upcoming sixth studio aldum, Paradise Valley.

The Paper Doll music video was Prancercised with a lot of help from Joanna Rohrback. If you needed a prance to romance to, then you are definitely in for a treat.

Watch the official music video of Paper Doll by John Mayer.

At the end of it all we can definitely say that the video live up to the tone and mood of the song. As what one Dan Firth deftly puts it in YouTube:

I believe the video shows what the feeling of the song expresses. I get the feeling of just being who you are and enjoying every moment of the small things. The woman in the video doesn't care that she looks weird and I guess that is something that John wants us all to. Be yourself!