Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Script Releases Millionaires Music Video, Explores The Dynamics Of Relationships

After starring frame by frame on their previous music videos, Danny O'Donoghue and his band mates decided to make use of fresh new faces on their new Millionaires music video.

The video chronicles two lovers and their dynamic interactions with each other, in good times and in the bad. But for whatever reason we can't understand, but we do experience, in thick or thin the lovers' affection to each other goes stronger.

The couple plays around with friends and attended a local gig on a pub of a singer playing the part of a past middle-age Danny O'Donoghue until the real one appeared briefly at the end. The video went on from very the symbol of having a good time until booze and spirit addled one's mind, leading to some trouble. After that, life goes on and on as if nothing really happened and so repeats the cycle.

Watch in full the new Millionaires music video by The Script.

Millionaires is the fourth single and the 10th track from the band's #3 album.