Friday, July 18, 2014

The Script To Release Fourth Album Called 'No Sound Without Silence' This Year

In the most exciting news of the week, my favorite band will be releasing a new album a few days before my very birthday! In a live Google Hangout reveal held a few hours ago The Script has unveiled the cover, title and release date of the said album.

The band's next studio album is deftly titled as No Sound Without Silence and I've heard that they will be going back to their old sound circa their first album. Their third album is great, but I was a little lost with its mainstream feel, which is exactly the thing missing why I loved their first two albums.

Here is the cover of No Sound Without Silence by The Script.

No Sound Without Silence by The Script

If you are still not convinced, here is the banner version of the said cover.

The official track listing is still kept in wraps but we could be rest assured of its unveiling in the next few weeks, along with the first tasters, singles and music videos. I was really looking forward to this ever since The Script said they are having some exciting news. The album could certainly be one of the best gifts I could receive this year.

Updated: The Script has officially unveiled the track listing of their new album.

1. No Good in Goodbye
2. Superheroes
3. Man on a Wire
4. It’s Not Right For You
5. The Energy Never Dies
6. Flares
7. Army of Angels
8. Never Seen Anything “Quite Like You”
9. Paint The Town Green
10. Without Those Songs
11. Hail Rain or Sunshine
12. How at the Moon (iTunes preorder only)

Here is the pictures of revelation.

One such single will be released this Monday, July 21. It's title is Superheroes, which was one of the first song to be written for the said album. Here is the official audio of Superheroes by The Script.

No Sound Without Silence by The Script will hit music stores on September 15, 2014.