Thursday, December 12, 2013

Follow Your Dreams: Let Imagination Be Your Inspiration

Almost everyone creates its own cosy and safe world. Our life is full of routine, problems, we are always in rush, have to do something, to get somewhere, not time to stop and smile. And then a person starts to live in his own world to forget about all its duties for a while. In our dreams we can be whoever we want or desire, we can change everything what surrounds us and make it comfortable for ourselves. Who said that a little person cannot have a big dream? The new movie called The Secret Life of Walter Mitty shows a life of a regular worker, who is barely noticeable among his co-workers but in his imagination he transforms into a superhero who is capable of everything.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

It took almost 20 years to create this movie. The cast was changing, the screenplay was rewriting over and over again. And finally, the film will be shown in theatres at the end of December. Ben Stiller, who plays the main role, also directed this movie.

This movie is a remake of the original story, written by James Thurber, which was printed in The New Yorker magazine 74 years ago. The original story is about an ordinary man who achieved more in his imaginary world than in his real life. The movie character works in the photo department of the Life magazine, but now new superiors are in lead and the company's life is about to change.

Most part of the staff can lose their jobs and Walter, who has a crush on his new co-worker, Cheryl, is afraid to lose his job too and never see his love interest again. Luckily, Walter saves his job but it hasn't changed a thing. Walter still has a crush, but Cheryl doesn't pay any attention to him.

The main character lives in his own world full of heroism, romance and love. Wherever he is, is it on a bus station or his office, Walter stays in his dreams. He imagines how he is going to win Cheryl's heart, how will safe her form danger but in real life he freezes when he sees her and cannot say a word, he even tries to reach her through a social network, but he fails again.

The magazine has the task to get a perfect picture for the new cover issue and Walter, surprisingly, decides to accomplish this task by himself. He tries to make his dream come true and his biggest dream is Cheryl. Leading by the desire to win her, Walter travels to Greenland and from now on his whole life is about to change. He starts his risky adventure and becomes a man he always wanted to.

This movie is truly inspiring and its scheduled time in theatres is kind of symbolic. It will air on 25th of December, on the Christmas time. And as we know this time is full of magic and every wish can come true. Feel the magic of the movie and believe in yourself, because everything is possible.