Sunday, December 1, 2013

Jennifer A. Nielsen Giving Away 6 'The Shadow Throne' Galleys, Final Book In Ascendance Trilogy

It will not be officially out until next year, but author Jennifer A. Nielsen will be giving away 6 The Shadow Throne galleys as early Christmas present for avid fans. The contest will run until December 15, 2013 on her official website and is open for everyone who wishes to join: young old and the young at heart, or vice versa.

Don't know what a galley means, the author freely explains it for you: You ask, what is a galley? A galley (a.k.a. ARC: Advanced Review Copy) is a paperback version of the book meant to be sent to reviewers and bookstore buyers. They are not for resale and sometimes have typos because they are printed early. Occasionally, the author gets her sticky little hands on a few copies and can give them away to awesomes out there like YOU!

Here is The Shadow Throne, Book 3 in the Ascendance Trilogy.

The Shadow Throne by Jennifer Nielsen


Jennifer A. Nielsen takes readers on an extraordinary journey in this final installment of the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling Ascendance Trilogy.

War is coming. . . . Join Jaron as he embarks on his final adventure!

The Shadow Throne by Jennifer A. Nielsen will be released on February 25, 2013.