Thursday, December 26, 2013

Miley Cyrus Has Done It Again With The Official 'Adore You' Music Video

Miley Cyrus is back with her music video stunts. She's relentless, but is it just me or her momentum is slowing down? Her pre-Christmas season single, Adore You, has just landed with a new music video... Still rebellious, still selling sex, and still showing off some only-in-the-beroom scene, but there is one thing to notice. The singer is slowing down out of exhaustion and the energy of her previous two videos seems to be slipping away.

Adore You by Miley Cyrus

Looks like the Miley Cyrus team is running out of ideas to make her videos fantastic. She's not that fun anymore and she has done it (she ruined it!) with one of my favorite songs in the Bangerz album. Do you think she's losing grip and control over her once powerful Dominion on music videos? If she thinks this simulation of a sex video makes it feel right and tops the previous two videos, then I guess she wrong.

Watch the new music video of Adore You by Miley Cyrus.

Adore You is the third single lifted from her recent album. It came out first in the track listing and is written by Stacy Barthe with Oren Yoel, who also produced the song.