Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Counsellor: The Evil Chic (Spotlight On Cameron Diaz As Malkina)

In the modern world it is hard to find people who do not fall under the influence of bad. These people are considered either weak, poor; either they are ignored by stronger ones. The association between strength and ambition is what makes a man powerful and rich. Even if he got this way, by taking the bad path, he anyway will remain strong in the eyes of the others.

Cameron Diaz As Malkina

The Counsellor is a new movie, written by Cormac McCarthy and directed by Ridley Scott, that shows humans who chose to be bad. The story describes a life of a lawyer, whose ambitions made him become a prey for some dangerous Mexican Cartels. It involves many expressive characters, played by famous actors like Michael Fassbender, Penélope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem, Brad Pitt and many others. The style of the characters, says a lot about them, as they are all dressed up in expensive clothes and finicky jewelries. Malkina, for example is one evil woman, played by Cameron Diaz, this woman has a leopard tattoo on her back, that’s sexy and tricky and it says a lot about her dangerous personality. Her style is always a powerful one, using the gold and the silver to show that she loves goodies and she is capable of anything. Whatever the consequences of her actions are, she is never thinking about regrets. Like a leopard Malkina, has a crazy drive in possessing and getting anything she wants.

In the end, we do not get to see only the bad parts of the human kind, we also have to understand the teaching part of the movie, that shows how our sometimes irrational decisions influence the lives of the others. The today eager purpose does not always end with an eager tomorrow. We are all humans, we all sin when it comes to our ambitions, but there is always a limit.

The Counsellor is the thriller which is raging with a very high temperature of bad, as the evil seems to pervade or influence every character. It is a movie about love, murderer, drugs and wild actions.