Sunday, December 1, 2013

#MusicMondays: Listen To Change Me By Justin Bieber, The Penultimate Music Mondays Song

The penultimate song in the #MusicMondays campaign by Justin Bieber has come. The new single is entitled Change Me and it's album cover resembles an oblong shaped mirror, if I am not mistaken. This less than 3-minute piano and vocal combination will either turn you on or drive you away completely... because I am honestly getting tired of all these ballads from the singer.

Change Me by Justin Bieber

This time around the song goes away from the fast tempo that made the previous song stand out from the rest of the campaign and we are once again drowned by another ballad of what is, shoulda, woulda, coulda. If all of the ten songs will be compiled as a new album, then we can prematurely say that this is Justin Bieber's most emotional -- or saddest -- album yet...

Listen to Change Me by Justin Bieber.

There will only be one song remaining before the release of Believe movie on Christmas. You can download Change Me By Justin Bieber at iTunes.