Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Music Videos Featuring Emma Watson, Rupert Grint or Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter Trio

Who ever told you Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and Daniel Radcliffe are only fitting for movies or stage plays? They are so diversely talented that even the music video industry has been infiltrated by the Harry Potter trio. Of course Emma was the first one to do it in 2010, followed by Rupert on the following year and Daniel just this year.

It's always nice to see the three actors outside of the Harry Potter universe. They have always been stuck on my head as Harry, Hermione and Ron that these new things are always a surprise. I admire their quest on broadening the scope of the craft that they have grown to. They have certainly moved on -- unlike me, according to some people around me, who cannot and is stuck on the past.

Check out the Harry Potter main trio making their way through the music video scenes:

Emma Watson on Say You Don't Want It by One Night Only

Last May 2010, Emma Watson said that she would be featured in the music video of Say You Don't Want It by One Night Only. This was made possible when she met the band's lead singer George Craig at the 2010 Winter/Summer Burberry advertising campaign. The said video was first screened last June 26, 2010 on Channel 4 and was released to the general public on August 16 and was later featured on the band's Youtube Vevo page on July 13 of the same year.

The Say You Don't Want It music video was directed by James Less and was filmed in New York and features the prominently visible hot dog restaurant called Gray's Papaya among many other locations. More or less Emma Watson plays a girl whom the lead signer met along the New York streets. Until eventually they shared some time together, leading them to become close to each other. And who knows what would come next...

Rupert Grint on Lego House by Ed Sheeran

This was quite a surprise to every fan since there are no big announcements regarding Rupert Grint's involvement on Ed Sheeran's Lego House music video. It was only then known when the music video was released on October 20, 2011 over the singer's official Youtube channel. Rupert and Ed were real life loyal pals -- that explains why he is featured in the singer's music video.

The said video was filmed at the Forum, University of Hertfordshire. It features Rupert Grint as a crazed and obssessed Ed Sheeran fan. He did the lipsynch for most part of the song and later he pretended to be the singer on one of the singer's shows. But of course the security could not be fooled, so that lead to the discovery of his fake identity and almost caused him a mental breakdown. The video ended with Sheeran and Grint meeting as Grint is forcibly removed from the music venue and Sheeran comes out of a lift.

Daniel Radcliffe on Beginners by Slow Club

Now the most recently released music video is from Daniel Radcliffe when he was featured in the Beginners by Slow Club. Just like Rupert, Dan did most of the lip sync parts. This team up was made possible when Radcliffe was asked to interview a member of Slow Club, of which he was a big fan. This one-take music video was filmed at the bar of a pub in The Faltering Fullback in Finsbury Park, London .

It's not really a healthy scene since Dan has to drink the dregs of some other people's pints while snarling in front of the camera. According to a member of the band, "After meeting him for the first time we were pretty blown away by how much he knew about our songs and when the time came to make a video, the director Lucy Needs had the script ready and thought it couldn't hurt to ask." He also added, "We were only on set for an hour or so as we had a show that night but I was surprised by just how focused he was. I've never been near a movie set but I guess being in such a concentrated state of mind is what it takes to get certain things on film."

Which of the three music videos do you like best and who among the three actors nailed it like a professional music video star?