Saturday, June 2, 2012

Official Music Video of Coldplay's Princess of China ft. Rihanna

Princess of China

Vevo has been very good to me so far. It has by far released most of the official music videos that I have been waiting for for ages. Just last month, it has paved the way to the release of numerous music videos that either made or ruined my day. Now they have released this new awesome music video of Princess of China by Coldplay, featuring Rihanna.

Directed by Adria Petty & Alan Bibby, the music video features some Wuxia themed settings. Coldplay's vocal lead, Chris Martin, is in search for the Princess of China played by the R&B star Rihanna. From what I can deduce of the video, they are lovers in an on-and-off-and-then-on-again tango kind of relationship, which always happen when they fight and ends up hurting again each other.

Check out the pure awesomeness of Princess of China music video:

This is like a summary of all of Zhang Ziyi's Wuxia films. The sword fights, aerial battles and dance sequences with flourishing train of silk bring back my fascination to all period films. There is no wonder then why I really loved this. Coldplay is one of my most favorite European bands and it has never disappointed me so far. Every year their songs are simply getting better and better -- their music videos are not an exception.

Check out the behind-the-scenes of the making of Princess of China music video:

I really agree that two heads are better than one. That is why I salute the two directors and crew of the music video of Princess of China, together with the members of Coldplay and, last but not the least, Miss Rihanna herself for making this awesome music video. This year is certainly a year of good music and also of their accompanying videos as well.