Saturday, June 30, 2012

Christina Perri's Distance Official Music Video Featuring Jason Mraz

Christina Perri Distance

Distance is my most favorite song next to Jar of Hearts from all of Christina Perri's Lovestrong songs. That is why I was happy when I heard that this is the next  song she's going to make a music video of. I was even more delighted when I heard that Jason Mraz will be featured in the video.

Now come June 29, 2012, my exaggerated wait for the said video has come to an end. And it did certainly satisfy. This music video that is directed by Elliott Sellers is a box of memories and reminiscence and what ifs. It tackles mostly one of the most talked about issues: unrequited love. Lucky for Christina Perri, her song does not delve on holding on for this hopeless romanticism, but finds her happiness in other things by giving the person she loved the most distance.

Check out Christina Perri's Distance music video here:

This very touching music video is certainly a display of visual and auditory bliss. Watching this very plainly expressed message of the soul puts me back on a time when everything was still very good for me. It triggers the mind to reminisce on your memories just like the collage of pictures posted on the wide wall on the video.

They wanted me to tear all of these the same way Christina Perri did. They are so good memories that they don't apply anymore on your damned present. They are just scattered pieces of your past that need not be touched again since they only stir some hurtful thoughts and emotions.

Updated: Check out an exclusive behind the scene video from Elle for the music video of Distance as Chritina Perri and Director Elliot Sellers explain the video, together with Jason Mraz.

Letting go is the only answer and giving one's freedom and distance might be helpful for both you and whoever or whatever you hold on to those memories. Holding on to someone or something that does not want you back may be the very poison that will destroy you. Be strong and give it the freedom it deserves -- give that person distance. And move on with your life...

Also follows Christina Perri's acoustic performance of Distance featuring Jason Mraz. Followed by what Jason Mraz has to say about the collaboration from his website:

"Distance is certainly a favorite of all the videos I've been a part of. It’s rare to make a video where the outcome is exactly what the director foretold. Elliott Sellers' vision is clear and he executed each shot with style and finesse.

"It’s important to like the person who’s operating the camera (as well as the crew), as they’re the ones you’re performing for first. AND I am thankful for the way they can take a dork like me and pair him with a radiant beauty like Christina and make it work.

"As for the song itself, I’ve told Christina about a hundred times how grateful I am to be the one singing this with her. The sweeping melody paired with the tension in the story makes singing Distance feel more like an event than just a song.

"I knew people would fall for this song."

Check out these behind-the-scene photos taken by Polina Rabtseva as bonus treats:

Did you notice that all of Christina Perri's music videos are purely artistic expressions at their best? All of them are very simple to comprehend, but at times there are double meanings that boggle ones mind. They are always fresh and uniquely conceptualized. That is why I am always looking forward for the next videos she's going to release... Much more for her next album, who knows when it will be released, or if there will ever be one.