Thursday, June 14, 2012

Official Resident Evil: Retribution Trailer and the Future of Resident Evil Movie Franchise

Resident Evil: Retribution

A few days ago, some official pictures and posters of Resident Evil: Retribution were released online. And marking the three-month period before the movie's release on September 14, 2012, the official theatrical trailer for Resident Evil: Retribution has been released.

The previous films, especially the very last one, was such a tease that I can't help but be stuck with a lot of questions and annoying cliffhangers. But of course, it was not bad at all since Resident Evil: Afterlife was one of my most favorite among the lot. Hopefully the next one will not be disappointing since Ada Wong and Leon S. Kennedy are finally here.

Check out the trailer of Resident Evil: Retribution:

Revealed after a live chat with Milla Jovovich on June 14, 2012, Thursday, the trailer was not only the juicy news that we have heard so far. We also have here a new photo taken from the movie, followed by some very promising words from the actress:

"There's so much stuff that's not even in the trailer, that's so amazing... There's so much crazy stuff that's not in the trailer, just because it's not ready yet!... The really amazing thing in this movie is how global it is... because it really takes place around the world—including New York. So I think what really stands out is the global scope of it."

Will this be the last movie in the series or are we expecting yet another one from director Paul W. S. Anderson after this? I guess we haven't seen the last of it. During the live chat, the actress also suggests that there will be at least one more movie from the series where she will take part, but after that we will not be expecting any more Milla Jovovich and Paul W. S. Anderson team-up, they are likely to hand it over to someone else. This made some audience in the said live chat a little shocked and sad, that prompted her to say "Momma needs a rest!"

Check out the stream of the Resident Evil: Retribution Live Chat:

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That is maybe why Ada Wong is introduced in the series right at this moment. Should Milla finally assert to let go of the project, the series will have something to hold on to to protect the continuity of the series.

After seeing this amazing trailer from the fifth installment of Resident Evil, will you watch it on the widescreen? As far as I am concerned, I might even watch it in IMAX should fate allow me to do so. I can't wait for Alice to kick some zombie ass once again and eradicate the world of The Umbrella Company. Will they ever achieve this?