Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Voice: New Vicci Martinez Album Labeled Vicci is Released

Vicci Martinez

The 27-year old and The Voice Season 1 third placer Vicci Martinez has released a new album called Vicci under Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. It was released on June 19, 2012 and is available as a compact disc and as for download over iTunes and Amazon. The said album has a 13-track offering that features pop and rock music.

The songs featured in this album are mostly written by the singer herself, with the exception of Come Along, which she has collaboratively worked on with Cee Lo Green. Before hand she released an EP called Come Along, which also features the said song. As of the moment the album is already #10 on the iTunes Pop Chart and is still going strong.

Here are the details of Vicci Marinez's Vicci album:
Vicci Martinez - Vicci Album
Track listing:

1. Come Along (3:31)
2. Run Run Run (3:49)
3. Stop Pretending (3:13)
4. Out of Control (3:48)
5. I Can Love (2:58)
6. Hold Me Darlin' (3:20)
7. Not Washing You Off of Me (3:33)
8. I Want Your Kiss (3:10)
9. Let Go (3:04)
10. Touch That Fire (3:50)
11. Little Faith (3:39)
12. Snake Charmer (3:22)
13. Alive (3:08)

Listen to these samplers taken from Amazon:

After listening to these samplers, would you care to buy her full album or would you rather not? Hopefully, this will not be the last that we will hear from Vicci Martinez since, most of the times, the longevity of the career of artists that came out from talent shows doesn't really last long. Unless the said artist really has the drive and the talent to keep pushing through until the end, then we can expect short-lived dreams and prominence. I just hope it won't happen to Vicci.