Sunday, June 3, 2012

Performances by Bo Bruce, Tyler James and Vince Kidd on The Voice UK Live Finals Night

The Voice UK

Bo Bruce, Tyler James and Vince Kidd may have not won The Voice UK title, but they are all winners on their own right and to the hearts of their fans and mentors. They were all good sport to accept UK's decision to place Leane Mitchell on the winner's seat. Despite of this, I am sure we haven't seen the last of them yet. They are all talented, after all, that they don't need the title to excel in the arena they chose to join in.

But before we make some predictions of how they will turn out in the future, let's us see the definite past by watching their performances on the Live Final show of The Voice UK. Bo Bruce was definitely brilliant and very good during the show. I can say the same for Tyler James, who made his way to the Finals without bragging much. Vince Kidd was also great in the explosive way, that was always his way. Unfortunately, Vince was not able to perform his most favorite song during the season, because he was instantly eliminated due to lowest votes. So, let's begin.

The show starts here:

The Runners-Up

Bo Bruce for Team Danny

Solo Performance: Nothing Compares 2 U

Duet with Danny: Read All About It

Favorite Performance: Charlie Brown

Tyler James for Team Will.I.Am

Solo Performance: I'll Be There

Duet with Will.I.Am: OMG

Favorite Performance: Higher Love

The Instantly Eliminated

Vince Kidd for Team Jessie

Solo Performance: Many Rivers to Cross

Duet with Jessie: Nobody's Perfect

The Runners-up Congratulate Leanne Mitchell

If you could have decided to let any of these three win, who will it be? As for me, I was always hoping for Bo Bruce to win. No matter, seeing their performances at The Voice UK Live Final show is enough for me to live by and accept that Leanne Mitchell won The Voice UK. Hopefully we could see more exciting talents next season to match these great artists and singers that we have already seen so far.