Monday, June 18, 2012

Vevo: Katy Perry's Wide Awake Music Video Feels Like Alice in Wonderland

Katy Perry

Serving as the closing chapter of what you might call as a tome of auditory bliss called Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection, Wide Awake does not disappoint. Much less for its music video that was released just recently. This new addition to Katy Perry's wide ranged collection of music videos is gonna be featured in the upcoming movie Part of Me 3D.

I am very thankful of Vevo once again for giving us the opportunity to watch the video as if we are all first class customers. Not only this video made me smile, but it has shifted my beliefs as well. This just made my day. It is only fair that I share to you what I can see behind the meaning of the video to wake you up from your reveries also.

Check out Katy Perry's Music Video for Wide Awake courtesy of Vevo:

Call me crazy, but for me this is even better than Katy Perry's Firework video that encourages us to bring out the best in each of us. Visually, this is the most stunning video that she has made so far. I might be subjective to the bluish palette of the video, but I am telling you this is great. I can have the feel of an Alice in Wonderland episode where you will be pitted to an entirely new place that makes you both wonder and anxious of the unknown.

This dream sequence of a video explores most probably the artist's fantasies, which is most definitely reflected to us all. We pursue the ideals and trapped by our own dreams and fantasies that we disregard what is really in front of us. It's time for us to wake up and face reality. This is the real world and idealistic belief is not enough anymore.

Alice (in Wonderland) let her fantasies overwhelm her, but Katy Perry has shown us that we can go away with fantasies and start focusing on the real thing. I really like the meaning behind her punching the Prince Charming, which most definitely summarizes the video to its main theme. Wake up, because reality is only seen when you are Wide Awake.