Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Maroon 5: One More Night Official Music Video From Vevo

Maroon 5

Updated: Added some behind the scene photos of the One More Night Set.

Here's your early serving of a Maroon 5 dish, complete with appetizers and dessert. Vevo has just released the much awaited and yet again destructive music video of One More Night by Maroon 5. Much like the music video for Payphone, One More Night showcases a little of Adam Levine's acting and all.

Thank goodness Maroon 5 has somehow focused on the Pop genre, because honestly their alternative songs mostly sucked especially on their Hands All Over album. Hopefully they will continue on creating songs like this and none of the bullshit that most of the times makes me cringe.

Could you relate with this love drama featured in One More Night music video:

All love story starts out well until such a time that the infatuation dies out as lectured to us by John Legend's Ordinary People: "This ain't the honeymoon, Past the infatuation phase..." Only the difference in this one and Maroon 5's version on being fed up over a relationship is she's not waiting to see her lover go down. One last chance and that's it. Is it just me or is this really coincidentally timing with Adam's breaking up with Anne V?

Directed by famous film helmer Peter Berg, One More Night premiered over MTV and was followed by a 30-minute live chat with the band's front liner, Adam Levine. This music video was filmed on April 20, 2012 together with Mink Kelly, playing as the singers's lover in the video.

The sad part here is one of them is not really willing to forgo one's dream over the relationship, forcing the other half of the love story be fed up and discontented. That is sometimes hard to see especially if one's dream is more important than one's loved ones. Because of this the affected party has to do bad things. And this is what Mink has to say about that: "I play a heartbreaker, I guess. I do very bad things... but necessary."

Well, maybe the morale of this story is to balance every aspect of your life that none of these parts may feel a little left out, aggravated or unfair. Jealousy is normal: much more a jealousy with a foundation. That's just about it: Balance every thing. Only, I have to say that the girl is a little bit short of understanding...

Updated: Here are some behind the scene photos from the set of One More Night:

On a different note, Adam Levine is certainly gearing up his acting in this music video, especially after we heard he's gonna play a major role in a musical hollywood movie called A Song Can Save Your Life? together with veteran actress Keira Knightley.