Monday, April 22, 2013

Companies Satiate Users Need for Speed With Content Delivery Networks

The Internet

Content is king in the online business world, says Large corporations have rolled out a new connected system of Internet servers called a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that allows businesses to increase the speed of content delivery to visitors. The speed is increased when a company site caches their content in the CDN physically located closest to the site visitor.

Companies like AT&T and GoDaddy have embraced this technology to better serve its clients seeing that while adopting CDN technology might increase the cost of hosted storage, it will also decrease the wait time to download a page. While you might pay more for CDN hosting, you increase the probability of client conversion.


The forward-thinking CEO and founder, Bob Parsons is back in the driver's seat at GoDaddy, as the site hosting company is introducing a new CDN called the Web Accelerator. Used mostly for sites that use straight HTML and are more image driven, the Web Accelerator is a welcomed alternative to relying on dynamic database interaction, said Jason Rosenthal, President of Products and Technology at Parson's GoDaddy. says users enjoy performance improvements ranging from 25 to 100 percent.

Users are able to view the metrics of their site, which should provide them with analytics of their sites' performance and visibility. Teaming up with to generate backend metrics, which offers suggestions on how users can improve their sites' performance. The Web Accelerator is the first project to come out of GoDaddy's overhaul to improve on its cloud-server solutions for users. Rosenthal says this change was introduced in response to what customers said they needed to get out of a cloud solution for their site.

According to, to qualify for the Web Accelerator, you must have:

  • An Ultimate Linux Web hosting plan
  • No SSL applied to the account
  • A hosting account in the U.S.
  • Have a domain and hosting plan in the same account


Regardless of what type of device you use to log on and view web pages, AT&T is striving to make its users more satisfied with the download time on desktops, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. After creating a global strategic alliance with Akamai Technologies two months ago, AT&T's CDN was unveiled. said the new addition to its network offerings allows business websites to increase load time for web pages and secure distribution of software across enterprise networks will be accelerated as well. Users have an increased capability to send high-defintion videos across networks and improve the practices for e-commerce, financial and other web apps.

You must have a hosting account through AT&T to receive its services.

When security and speed are two valued elements in technology and business, it makes sense that more companies are taking on CDNs to store and distribute media, documents and financial information.